AM labels( 58 KHZ),are security labels that set off an alarm on the door when an EAS system or retail security tagging system is installed at the entrance to detect shoplifters or act as an anti theft system to deter shoplifing.

AM labels,also known as the DR label,include sensormatic DR label and compatible AM label. Sensormatic DR labels are produced by ADT(sensormatic), we just sell them, do not produce them, they are original sensormatic DR labels. Our Compatible AM labels are an alternative to the Sensormatic DR Label.  Sheet format well suited for application by hand, as well as roll format for high speed machine application. Compatible with TYCO/Sensormatic and other AM (Acousto-Magnetic) 58 KHz EAS Systems.  Deactivators Equivalent EAS System Detection and Deactivation performance to TYCO/Sensormatic UltraStrip III (DR) Labels. The adhesive on the reverse of the labels has been upgraded for extra stickability.

Sensormatic label

Popular AM (58KHz) DR security label

Customerized AM(58KMz) DR security label

Function AM(58KHz) DR security label

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