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RS7006-RF System

Retail theft prevention systems-RS7006 is super rf system, come in a high grade acrylic design in a standard size, but also in a design which has been developed for stores with wider aisles.

Retail theft prevention systems-RS7006  is of strong noise immunity and high stability.Noise immunity makes the systems work with acceptable performance also in complicated electromagnetic environments.Adopting high quality components and materials and executing high standard of quality controlmake the systems stable and reliable.

Retail theft prevention systems-rs1706 is compatible with any RF 8.2MHz security tags and ink tags and RF labels

Commonly it works with security tags such as mini square tag T1702, pencil tag T17051

If you want to get more detected distance, golf tag T17015, Bestag t17054 will be better.

You can also choose ink security tags such as ink tag BD17010 to get more protection.

For security labels,RF labels, 40*40mm size is more commonly used.Of cause, you can choose the rf cosmetic labels if you want to protect cosmetics in retail

Retail theft prevention systems-RS7006 is compatible with RF mono or dual electronic boards. Unique signal identification and memory functions for dual; genuine DSP technology for mono.

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