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S103 Multipurpose Safer

The Spec

Inner Dimension193mm×144mm×55mm
Outer Dimension216mm×151mm×60mm
FrequencyRF,AM or RF+AM
Magnet LockSuperlock or Common lock

S103 is a multi-purpose clear plastic security boxes. Its inner size is 193mm×144mm×55mm, outer size is 216mm×151mm×60mm.So it is with with a wide range of uses. Such as used as Dvideo game security cases,dvd security case, and to display electric toothbrushes, shavers, masks, cosmetics, etc .

This security box magnets is made of  Bayer’s PC material. The transparency of his clear plastic security boxes is very high, so the merchandise inside can be fully displayed. At the same time, the retail safer box is very sturdy and not easy to destroy. Thereby preventing thieves from destroying and stealing the merchandise inside.
clear plastic security boxes S103 is available in RF, AM and RF + AM frequency. It can work with EAS anti-theft system to prevent theft or loss prevention. such as ours retail anti-teft system RS7001  or AM retail security system AS7002 . S103 is also compatible with most EAS gates on the market, Such as checkpoint, senssormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint, shopguard.When the thief holds the S103 through the EAS anti-theft antenna, the EAS pedestals will sound an alarm.
clear plastic security boxes S103 uses magnet lock. It is available in common lock or superlock. When the customer done the payment at the cash register, the cashier can use the secueity tag remover to take out the merchandise from S103. these anti theft security boxes can be stored separately and use again.  golf detacher magnet D003 or  security tag remover magnet D00 are recommended security tag detachers, and the operation is very simple.
Since a large number of products use clear plastic security boxes for anti-theft display, customers often want to have anti-theft security boxes of the right size. While displaying products beautifully, they can also save display space to display more products.

If magnet safe box S103 does not meet your requirements, please contact us, we have more models of clear plastic security boxes for you to choose. If no one you want, we also produce cusom-made retail security boxes for you.

The quantity of custom-made magnet safe box  is very low, the minimum order quantity is only 5,000 pcs. there is no need to bear the mold cost. The delivery time is convenient. We can deliver 20,000 units within 40 days, so you don’t need to worry about delivery time.
If you need any clear plastic security boxes, please contact us and we will give you the greatest support!

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