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MAS1008-T 4 Metal Arms Pad security display stand

4 Metal Arms Anti theft tablet holder MAS1008-T is designed for tablets and Ipda when security displayed in retail stores.

This anti theft tablet holder is of streamlined design;4 metal grippers; Interal recoiler,no messy cords outside; Strong steel cable of anti-cutting, and easy to use. It strikes the difficults of customers experience and losss prevention. That makes you display your tablet or Ipad with confidence and beauty. Making you loss less and sale more.

Anti theft tablet holder MAS1008-T offers flexible display of products. It is easy to handle, allowing customers to fully experience the tablet.

MAS1008-T provides electronic theft alarm protection for the displayed tablet through the alarms sensor cable. If someone tries to unplug the alarm sensor cable or alarm sensor cable and steal the tablet, it will send an alarm.

These are just a few of the innoation of MAS1008-T. For more details about MAS1008's customer-friendly and enhanced security design, please see here: The best secure tablet stand with lock: 4 metal arms, retractable, charger, Alarm, lock down, crossmerchandise

If you need an anti-theft stand for phone, you can simply replace the MAS1008-T's flat gripper with a set of 4 mobile grippers designed specifically for mobile phones. Detailed information can be found here: mobile phone security display stand MAS1008, which is max display,max anti-theft protection for mobile phones.

Of course, mobile phone holders with different security levels or customer experiences may be required for different brand display areas in the same large store. For example, Samsung's brand display area prefers wireless phone anti theft alarm stand, so you can choose the cordless phone security stand MAS1008-W. More Anti theft phone holders with different security levels can be specifically browse: https://alien-security.com/retail-security/security-display/anti-theft-phone-holder/

In addition, the display area of mobile phones in large stores is often the concentrated display area of digital products, which not only needs to security display smart phones and tablets, but also laptops, smartwatches, headphones and audio. Alien-security also offers security display stands for laptops, smartwatches,headphones, stereos, and more, with different levels of security to meet the needs of different brands.

However, all of these security display devices maintain a consistent display style, which ensures that the entire display area of the hypermarket is consistent in style, providing customers with a better customer experience. For specific security demonstration requirements, please refer to here: Various stands,multi security, consistent display,meets your stores unique requirement, or contact us directly.

MAS1008-T 4 Metal Arms Pad security display stand

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