The Spec

Magnetic Force8000GS,10000GS,12000GS
FeatureFlat detacher, build in detacher

Universal security tag remover D011,12000GS, is widely used,can remove most magnetic seucrity hard tags, cloth tags on the market.

Universal security tag remover  detacher D011 is suitable for most magnetic security hard tags on the market, such as ink tags, cloth security tag, alarm tags, spider wrap(Not Alpha’s)

Security tag detacher D011 has several specifications to choose, as 8000GS, 10000GS, 12000GS. Customers can choose according to the strength of the security tag’s lock inside.

The color of D011 is bright silver. Accept customer customization, can be customized according to customer’s customer black, red and other colors.

Tag remover D011 can be embedded in the checkout counter. It can keep the checkout counter clean and easy for the cashier to unlock. On the other hand, it can prevent the unlocker from being placed on the checkout counter and accidentally hurt the customer’s hand.

However, Universal security tag remover D011 is not suitable for Hyperlock hard tags  and sensormatic supertag or VST tags. If it is a Hyperlock hard tags as used in Uniqlo, you can choose superlock detacherD201.For sensormatic supertag or VST tag, handhold sensormatic hook detacher SD301, or power supertag remover SD302.


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