MAS1008-T Max Tablet Security Display

The Spec

Feature4 Metal Arms
FeatureRecoiler Inside, Free Lift-up
FeatureMulti Alarm High Security
ApplicationDisplay for tablet size from 7″ to 12''

Tablet security lock stand bracket MAS1008-T features a streamlined design. Rocolier inside, with no messy cords, keep tablet or pad security display clean and elegent. 4 metal grippers, enhanced steel cable of anti-cutting and multi-alarm electronic protection provides max security for tabet or pad on display.

Tablet security lock stand bracket MAS1008-T adopts simple water bottle cylinder design. It can keep the digital store clean and beautiful when the tablets and Ipads are displayed in a centralized display

With a retractable cross gripper, a built-in cable box with a thick wire rope, it provides max anti-theft protection for tablet and Ipda in show

The built-in design of the cable box allows the Tablet security lock stand bracket MAS1008-T to work independently. And the installation is very simple ,does not require complicated wiring. So it is very popular among digital shop staff and designers.

The back MICOUSB interface can provide electronic anti-theft protection for electronic accessories, such as digital audio, electronic stylus, etc. It can also make it possible to experience the functions of the tablet through accessories.

2.4GHZ remote control, wide operating range and stable performance. One button to activate and deactivate multiple alarms, etc. A digital store is often equipped with 2-3 remote controls. Also supports password settings for individual alarms

Tablet security lock stand bracket DS1008-T is suitable for 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch flat-panel Android tablets and alsoMini Ipad, Ipad, IPad pro. With alien-security phone grippers, it can also provide display and anti-theft protection for mobile phones of various sizes. Please view mobile phone security display holder MAS1008 for more details.

Sucessfull case


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