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DST1002 Tablet Display Stand Alarm

The SA1714 is a compact tablet display security alarm device. The main starting point is to maximize the display of the tablet\ipad, allowing customers to fully experience the tablet\ipad. At the same time, there is an electronic anti-theft function that can protect the tablet on display to prevent theft.

Tablet display security alarm  SA1714 adopts a low cylindrical design. The surface of the cylinder is made of imported matte material, which allows the tablet to be touched in a large area. It is convenient for customers to take and can easily fix the tablet.

The whole design of SA1714 is relatively simple. When it is displayed in multiple places in the digital store, it will look very neat and orderly.

The SA1714 is connected via a data cable and a tablet to charge the tablet while the tablet is on display. At the same time, it also has the function of electronic anti-theft. Any attempt to unplug the charging cable or cut the charging cable to steal the tablet will cause alarm of SA1714

Tablet display security alarm SA1714 is suitable for general digital store display and anti-theft tablet\ipad. Has a good display and simple electronic anti-theft features. If the customer wants to purchase products with better display and better anti-theft, please refer to our SA1823 tablet security lock stand bracket.If you have a mobile phone security display needs, you can refer to SA1813 mobile phone security display holder.

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