S109 Single CD Safer

The Spec

FrequencyRF,AM or RF+AM
Inter Size130*14*144mm
Outer Size151*18*154mm
Magnetic locksupperlock or coomon lock
DimensionsWidth 144mm x Depth 14mm~130mm

Aliensecurity offers full line of eas media safer box, includes single CD safer box and Double CD safer, single,double and big DVD safer box. It’s designed to provide locking protection with great visual display DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, video games, and much more. 

Single CD safer box is one of most poular eas media safer box,to fit your high-thef CD with great protection and visual display

Product details:

Material: New pc

Frequency: RF,AM or RF+AM

Inter size:144*14*130

Outer size: 154*18*151mm

Magnetic Lock: supper lock or common lock

Detacher: Removed by Aliensecurity magnetic detacher


Made of new Bayer PC material,good transparency and  tough and durable

Allows good visibility of packaging, product information and bar code

Provides excellent security with open display of merchandise

Re-useable and easy to apply

Easy to removed by magnetic detacher

If you have any requirement of single cd safer box or other eas safer box, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let ‘s talk it!


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