B004 Bottle security tag

The Spec

Dimension: Ø36mm
Magnetic lock:Normal or superlock
ColorWhite,Grey,Black or Customerized

Security tags for liquor bottles B004 is a very affordable wine anti-theft solution with its small size and low price.

Although it is small in size, it can be built with RF or AM EAS technology.  wine bottle security tags B004 can be used with the EAS anti-theft gate to prevent theft of alcohol.

security tags for liquor bottles B004 is fixed to the wine bottle by the wire rope.  Because of this fixing method, alcohol security tags B004 can be applied to the neck of any size bottle.

Built-in magnet lock, security tags for liquor bottles B004 is fixed on the neck of the bottle.  it will firmly lock the wire rope, making it difficult to get it without the unlocker.  The anti-theft effect is very good

After the customer pays, at the checkout counter, the cashier can easily remove the  bottle security device B004  with a magnet detacher as our security tag detacher magnet D018.  The operation is very simple and does not even require training.

However, security tags for liquor bottles B004 only has the function of preventing the theft of alcohol.   Does not have the function of preventing the drink from being stolen.  So if it is an expensive drink, we recommend using our alcohol bottle security cap B022.  The bottle top lock B022 is a fully enclosed bottle protection device that is attached to the top of the bottle. It also incorporates RF or AM EAS technology to prevent theft and theft of the drink.

In short, security tags for liquor bottles B004 is a very convenient and affordable liquor bottle anti theft solution.

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