D303 Flush mount remover

The Spec

Dimension: 220mmx180mm
Packing: 5sets/ctn,8.5kg

Security tag hook detacher D303 is  an electric sensor remover, embedded in the checkstand, remove the security hard tags from clothes or other protect merchandise quickly and efficiently.

Security tag hook detacher D303’s function is as same as electric power tag remover hook D302. But sensor hook detacher D303 can be installed into the checkstand. This tag detacher makes the checkstand more clean and tide. And it also make more effective use of the cash desk space.

Compared to handheld security tag remover gun D301, sensor hook detacher D303 is works by electric power,more quickly and efficiently. No need to remove the clothes security tag manually. The operation is simple and efficient. This electric alsrm sensor remover can effectively reduce the work intensity and technical difficulty of cashiers. Generally after a short training, cashiers can effectively master how to remove cloth sensor from cloth.

Security tag hook detacher D303 mainly used to remove  Super hard Tags from clothes, as sensormantic super hard tag, sensormantic VST tags. 

It can’t be used to remove magnetic security tags as mini tag, pencil tag, golf tag. If you want to remove magnetic anti theft alarm from cloth, please choose universal security tag remover D011 or clothes tag remover D009-B. Also welcome to contact us to get professional advice.


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