DL01 Detacher Lock

The Spec

Dimension: 21Dia'x34mm
FunctionSecure a detacher when it is not in use

security tag detacher lock DL01 is accessories of magntic tag remover. It enables extra security for the retail.

security tag detacher lock is used to secures a detacher when it is not in use at the till points.When business is  closed, retailers can attach this magnetic tag remover lock to stop the detacher using.

The main function of this security tag detacher lock is to prevent internal staff  from stealing products.

Note that: Security tag remover lock DL001 cannot be used to remove magntic security tags alone. This detacher remover lock should be used to work with security tag detacher together.

DL001 can be used together with security tag remover magnet D009-A and clothes tag remover D009-B. It can’t work with golf detacher magnet D003 or universal security tag remover D011

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