The Spec

FeatureSeure both the watch face and straps
FeatureAlarm Any tampering with the sensor on the watch or the alarm cable

WSW1002 is specailly designed retail security solution for wearable and smartwatch.

This security solution for wearable is of High levels of mechanical security, can secure both the watch face and straps.

This security solution for wearable and smartwatch device works independently. It Includes integrated alarm stand, don’t need a separate alarm unit work with it.

Any tampering with the sensor on the watch or the alarm cable, the alarm will sound to alert staff. It can reach 110db, and last 4 minutes.

This security solution for wearable and smartwatch device WSW1002  allows customers can quickly and easily experience your wearable in the optimal way.

Angled security alarm display post ensures the smart wtaches or wearables in retail is customer facing. So it is always displayed beautifully and Display watch in both portrait and landscape.

It allows customer to experience the smartwatch or wearable freely when it is fixed.  Or pick up the wearable or smatwatch to experience it freely with fixed strap without any assistance from store staff.

The magnetic base and pull box tether guarantee correct positioning and customers can pick up smart watch or wearable then place it back on display.  This results in a best display and good customer experience for the next person who visits the display.

Installation is very easy and can be installed in a few simple steps.  As the WSW1002 is an independent alarm dispay stand.  Store associates can swap-out products and update product platforms as required with limited hassle.

Quick-release feature for fast and easy re-merchandising in high risk environment, if the retail need to collect the smart watches and wearables together in night afer they finish work.

Security solution for wearable and smartwatch device wsw1002 can fit a variety of wearable types and sizes.  Such as Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2,Apple Watch 5,Amazfit GTS,Garmin Fenix 6,Mi Band 4,Fitbit Versa 2,etc

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