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RF Water-proof freezing label-40FFB

Aliensecurity RF water-proof freezing label label 40FFB is specifically designed for fresh food applications,has excellent waterproof and anti-freezing functions.

Aliensecurity rf water-proof freezing label 40FFB works as 40*40mm RF labels achieve the most consistent levels of detection work with Aliensecurity RF system as RS1706.With the need to protect a wider variety of products increasing, the development of smaller labels with the ability to offer similar detection to that of the standard labels has become a priority to retailers.

And work with Our RF deactivator RD1701, the rf water-proof freezing label 40FFB  is easily deactivated at point of check-out enabling staff to confidently and consistently deactivate RF labels quickly, delivering faster checkout speeds.

Commond size is 40*40mm,  but can be cusomized for shape and size as 26*28mm,30*30mm,50*50mm,20*60mm,etc

Warning words, product's information or logo can be printed on the surface.

Normal packing is 1000pcs or 2000pcs per roll

Can be for hand or automated machine applications. Costomized packing is also available as 8000pcs per roll

Suggest to work with Aliensecurity RF detection system and RF deactivator to get best performance.

learn more about Aliensecurity security labels and warning labels

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