High security solution for phone,laptop,smartwatch

Zero theft! High security solution to protect your expensive phones, tablets,laptops,smartwatches from theft. Despite the high level of security, all the high security anti theft devices are retractable,customers can have hands-on experience and fully appreciate all the features of the phone, tablet,smartwatch,including the laptop.If in high risk environment, all the high security anti theft devices can be lock-down to prevent run theft.

  • High security solution for phone,laptop,smartwatch

High Security Phone/Tablet Security Post MAS1008

  • 4 Adjustable metal arms of high security,that can work with all size phones and tablets;
  • Retractable, customer can lift up freely to experience the phone or tablet;
  • Internal Recoiler, all cables inside,no messy cords outside;
  • Strong steel cable of anti-cutting; Reinforced internal structure to prevent run theft;
  • Head Lock-down for high risk environment;
  • Power and alarm;
  • Type-c,Micro-usb,Apple lighting charging cable;
  • White,Black Color;
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