Retail Security System Tablet Security Mount Holer With Metal Arm Clamp

14 Dec 2020

When the tablets are sold in retail shopes, the tablet are always be put at counter to show to customers to experience it. As they are expensive and also very popular with the theft, so the tablets alaways need to be secured properly. is the tablet attached to the security mount holder? The Ipad or tablet is attached to the security holder by 3M sticker and 4 metal arms brackets together. 2. The ipad or tablet is secured by the 4 metal arms.   A rubber tube is placed between the metal gripper and the tablet to prevent damage to the tablet how is the tablet secured by the 4 claws? by a screw or key? what type of screw driver? the 4 metal lock, how does it secure the tablet? Please see the pictures that it secures in a tablet. Please see the back portion how the tablet being secured of the pictures below: the tablet security mount fixed to the table or desk? to screw on table or sticker base?   3.Can it secure Ipad mini, Pad, and Ipad Pro or Samsung tablet ? can the tablet security stand secure a 8inch tablets?   4.Does it comes with charging capability with Samsung tablet,MI tablet, Oppo tablet or Ipad? 5.How does the tablet security mount MAS1008 stop thieves from picking up the tablet and running ? It is ‘Head lock down’ feature. In high risk environment, the head of the security stand can be locked down to the body of the mount, so there is no way for the thieves to pick up the tablets.  

The Best Commercial Mobile Security Alarm Stand: 4 Metal Arms Brackets, Table-Top,Recoiler,Lockdown,Cross-merchandise

07 Oct 2020

As retailers, when they have cell phones or tablets to display in store, what kind of commercial mobile security alarm stand they love best? Before answer this question, we firstly need to answer the question that why the retail stores need commercial mobile security alarm stand? What’s the challenges the retail stores are facing? Reason 1 : The retail stores need the show devices that display the cell phone or tablet well, attract  customers, encourage customers to engage the smart phones or tablets. If the retail stores want to show the cell phones or the tablets well, a clean, tidy display enviroment is essential. Many business surveys have found that a clean, tidy and comfortable shopping environment makes people feel happy, then cusotmers always stay longer and shop more. All these will inrease the customers’ shopping rate and price acceptance. On the contrary, a chaotic, dirty shopping environment only let the customers voice upset, hurried away. Commercial Mobiles Security Stand MAS1008 from Alien-security applies a cylindrical, tabletop, compact and internal recoiler design,which is similar to INVUE  security Onepod and Shopguard. This design maximizes the cleanliness and order of the presentation environment. It has many advantages as below: First, the concise and compact design of the Commercial Mobiles Security Stand always highlights the displayed phone or tablet, making the merchandise be the hero on the stage. You know, the phone alarm display is a green leaf, is to maximize the mobile phone or tablet to attract customers. Second, table-top, Internal Recoiler, interating alarm, charging and power into one cable,and stored the cable inside the display post. No messey cords outside. It keeps the display clean and organised. Third, when a lot of display alarm posts together, it will appear orderly, will not have any sense of chaos. Reason 2: Protect expensive phones or tablets from being stolen while on display. Loss Prevention is a perennial topic in retail. Especially as mobile phones and tablets become more and more expensive and popular, mobile phones and tablets are becoming popular among thieves. So if you’re showing your smartphones or tablets at a retail store, be sure to install commercial mobiles security alarm stands. So how does Alien-security MAS1008 reach it and do the best? MAS1008 uses a combination of physical and electronic security  to protect mobile phones or tablets. Especially, the retail stores can flexibly choose the corresponding security function of MS1008 according to its own security level. Physical anti-theft: Retail stores can choose to add 2 metal brackets or 4 metal arms grippers to the alarm stand. The size of the metal gripper can be adjusted flexibly. Try different phone sizes or tablets. This eliminates the need for retailers to prepare different metal grips for different phones and tablets, making it easier to operate and less costly. 6 electronic security: MAS100 adopts the industry’s most advanced 6 electronic anti-theft technology. Alarm when the thief excels at removing the phone; The alarm goes on when the thief tries to forcibly remove it. Alarm is given when the thief tries to cut the built-in wire rope;  alarm is given when the thief cuts the charging cable; alarm is given when the thief remove the charging cable;Alarm sounds when the thief removesor cut the bottom cross-merchandise cable.   MAS1008 Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand is the World’s best fully integrate phone& tablet security display device with countertop recoiler for phones and tablets. Its new countertop recoiler make it easy to be installed,uniform display and highlight smartphones and tablets. Internel recoiler allows customers could pick up and interact with cell phone and tablet,providing high customer experience. Optional metal claws mount for extra mechanical security.Suitable claw for all smartphones or different metal claws for tablets and phablets. 1. Table top security alarm stand: highlight merchandise, uniform display Because the Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand is usable for both smartphones and tablets, it creates a uniform and pleasing look across all tablets and mobile phones. Its above counter presence to highlight merchandise. 2.Fully countertop recoiler alarm stand:Easy to install,Easy to maintenance There is 3M stricker and screw holes on the base, so it can be mounted down or stick to desk easily. Specific installation steps of Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand MAS1008: 2.1.tear off the base 3M sticker and attach the security alarm stand on the table, then fix the security display alarm stand on the table with 2 long screws and nuts 2.2.switch on and tear the 3M sticker on the sensor head,and stick the phone or tablet 2.3.Fix the phone or tablet with metal claws 2.4.connect the phone/tablet with the sensor head with the charging cable. 2.5.power on and press the power button on the remote control, then the phone or tablet in under anti-theft protection. You can present the phone or tablet with confidence now The detailed steps of Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand MAS1008 can also be referred to the diagram as below: The store also saw a significant improvement in the efficiency of changing out merchandise in a timely manner. 3.Internal Recoiler of Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand: Clean display, lift up freely Because the recoiler of mobile phone security display stand is neatly concealed internally, so there is no messy cords, the department always looks very clean. That has greatly improved the customer experience. 60cm cord reel in the internal recoiler allows customers to lift the phone or tablets on display freely to experience it, and interact with the phone or tablet freely. That makes for a excellent overall shopping experience. 4.Optional metal claws mount for extra mechanical security If you want high security, you can add 4 metal arm claws to the Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand . Many customers love these 4 metal claws. For the possibility of adding claws ensures that the more expensive smartphones and tablets can be protected to the maximum.The metal claws are adjustable to any size phone and tablet. When the size of the phone or tablet changes, the metal claws will still work. You are not forced to spend more money on a new metal claws. If you want to know more about the 4 metal claws, please check here: Amazing 4 metal arms bracket mobile phone anti theft device display holder. Now Comerical Mobile Security Alarm Stand MAS1008 is the most powerful and most popular mobile phone anti theft device in the market as Invue Onepod and MTI. Its popular features are not only its amazing 4 metal arms or table top internal recoiler. Its modular designs let you dial security up or down to meet changing threats, without having to invest in multiple solution or compromise the customer experience. Beautiful hardened metal riser, bracket and tether, make it tougher than it looks,even can stop the most violent theft attemp. Learn more about MAS1008, please check here: Install One Security, Meet Any Threat ! |Mobile phone security display stand MAS1008. Any retail security requirement, welcome to contact us: Alien-security, Retail loss prevention experts

Amazing 4 Metal Arms Bracket of Anti Theft Alarm for Mobile Phone & Tablet: See, Security,Sale and Adjustable!

03 Oct 2020

With the rapid pace of innovations in consumer electronics and information technology, industries are constantly releasing new smartphone,pad, smartwatch onto the market. These electronic products are extremely popular and sell rapidly after their retail launch. High value and popular cell phones and tablets are popular not only among consumers but also among shoplifters. Furthermore, shoplifters have become bolder, more violent, and do not back down from aggressive robbery. Responding to market demands from high-theft retail security areas, we developed our 4 metal arms bracket anti theft alarm for mobile phone and tablet MAS1008. Customers love its amazing 4 metal arms bracket so much. Let’s explore its wonders. See: Exposed anti theft alarm device to stop 90% unintentional theft. The retail managers who manage these business establishments know that their mobile phones or tablets can easily be stolen. And they know they need to take every step necessary to make sure they secure their high vaule products. Retailers know that the best way to protect their products is to make it look attractive. But they also want the customer to notice the anti theft alarm for mobile phone & tablet as well. This is screat of we design the 4 metal arms brackets  mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008. Why? Because according to a survey, 90% of thefts are unintentional. Visible anti theft devices can tell people that the products are under the protection of security devices, thus greatly reducing the awareness of theft. Now more and more customer feedback that they love this powerful mobile phone security display stand to protect their phones and tablets from potential theft. Security: 3 mm thickness 4 metal arms brackets If you want high security, you can add 4 metal arms grippers on the anti theft alarm device for mobile phone & tablet. Many customers love these 4 metal clamps. For the possibility of adding metal brackets ensures that the more expensive devices can be protected to the maximum. 3mm thickness 4 metal arms brackets is toughest security, that is engineered for zero. This 4 metal arms brackets with MAS1008’s lock down feature can stop all theft attempts. Even run theft and volient theft is improssbile.It makes thieves helpless, they will not be lucky today. This 4 metal arms bracket anti theft alarm for mobile phone & tablet allows you to display your mobile phones & tablets with confidence. Sale: Attractive display, sale more! Consumers can benefit as well by being exposed to this 4 metal arms brackets that are durable and attractive. It is impossible to get sales without some sort of merchandise security display devices. A secure phone on display gives them the ability to attract customers with high sales. Think about it. If a consumer knows your product looks good, then they are much more likely to come and experience it. Then more likely to buy it. You want to make sure that you display the phones or tablets in a safe manner in order to keep it looking attractive. Just like every other item you have in your store, the purpose of your anti theft alarm for mobile phone & tablet is to sell, and a safe and beauty phone display holder will help you do this. Adjustable: Consistent presentation for all phones and tablets. The brackets are adjustable to any size phone and tablet. All iphone models  and  samsung galaxy,such as Iphone5, iphone11, iphone pro, ipad mini, pad air, ipad pro, all of them can work perfectly with this 4 metal grippers. The size of the 4 metal arms bracket display holder for cell phone When the size of the phone or tablet changes, the 4 metal arms bracket will still work. You are not forced to spend more money on a new bracket if the size of the phone or tablet changes. The size of the 4 metal arms bracket for tablet The adjustable 4 matel arms bracket give you control of the level of security you require with a consistent look across all anti theft alarm devices and maintain a consistent presentation style.

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