A full range of Security labels and warning labels,include EAS security labels as AM label, sensormatic label, RF label, EM strips and warning labels.

Alien-security is China manufacturer and worldwide supplier of EAS security labels and warning labels.

We provide an enormous range of retail loss prevention products,in particular in eas label as AM label,RF label and EM strips.

AM labels include sensormatic label and compatible adhesive AM label.

Compatible adhesive AM label is an alternative to the Sensormatic Label. It includes Sheet format AM label and roll format AM DR labels.

Sheet format well suited for application by hand, as well as roll format for high speed machine application.

All our AM DR labels compatible with TYCO/Sensormatic and other Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 KHz EAS Systems and Deactivators.

RF label is 8.2mhz,Radion frequency security label,which is widely used in retail to protect non-metallic products from theft.

It is also used as source tagging worldwide. Source tag is the process of embedding labels inside of retail merchandise at the point of manufacture or packaging. All our RF label is compatible with Checkpoint and all other Radio-Frequency (RF) EAS systems and deactivators

In the meantime, we also provide special warning labels with RF label or AM label inside and with warning words to strongly warning and stop thieves from stealing.

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