Alien-security offers instore retail anti-theft systems for phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other anti-theft loss prevention security systems. Alien-security’ mobiles security display products known for innovate that they can adjust and meet any risk of the retail environment. Install One Security, Meet Any Threat! About anti-theft loss prevention security systems,Alien-security is a leader in EAS retail security solutions. We provides of all major technologies in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS),Such as RF, AM,EM security pedestals, EAS security tags, anti-theft labels and an extensive range of accessories .We also provide non EAS products such as ink tags and warning labels. Know for its good quality, we are proud to be the choice of more than 300 customers worldwidely.

Through innovation, Alien-security has developed many high-quality and novel retail anti-theft systems to provide security protection for mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, laptops and other high-value goods. Let the retail store can fully display the products, and let customers fully experience the products, without any fear of theft.

Alien-security’s retail anti-theft systems such as mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008, smartwatch security,laptop alarm security are very popular now as Invue security. It balances the high security and high customers experience. 

The most important features of Alien Security products is that customers can combine mobiles security products according to the risk of the retail environment. For example, Alien Security’s most popular mobile security display system MA1008 mobile phone anti theft display holder.  4 Metal Arms grippers of high security;Internal Recoiler,No messy cords or clutter: keeps display clean and orgnized; Strong steel cable to prevent cutting and run theft; Optional lock down for enhanced security; Quick release at sensor for nightly merchandise removal; Cross-merchandising helps promote your brand and drive sales by adding value to the customer experience; all the features in one display stand. Install One Security Stand, Meet Any Threat!

Alien-security is a leader in EAS retail security solutions. We provide our business partners with high quality, innovative and precision engineered retail loss prevention products since 2011. Such as RF, AM,EM security pedestals, EAS security tags, anti-theft labels and an extensive range of accessories. It also includes non EAS retail anti-theft systems such as ink tags and warning labels.

We offer over 75 variations of retail anti-theft systems to meet the needs of  our customers. Our security products are currently sold and supported in over 60 countries worldwide. We have been the choice of more than 300+ cutomers. Every security product we manufacture goes through a hard quality control inspection process before we say we are going to deliver. Our pricing is competitive, but quality always comes first. Our partners do not desire to be price leaders, they prefer to be quality leaders. From 2011, more than 5000,000 security products are sold every year and have been proven to decrease shrinkage by up to 75%.

Considering that our founding in 2011, we’ve concentrated exclusively on solving the issue of retail theft with solutions based on preparing for the needs of our clients. Our objective because day 1 has actually been to aid boost retail sales while lowering shrinking though making use of ingenious as well as top quality retail anti-theft systems. Alien-security’s company companions provide our products to leading stores worldwide.

Our in-house style, design and also production capabilities allow us to develop retail anti-theft systems which are difficult and easy to use. We have the ability to meet short supply windows for partners that have special security and merchandsing requirment for phone,smartwatch, laptop,EAS security tags, labels, detachers and systems.

We have created a strong online reputation for our commitment to new product growth as well as remarkable customer care. We work closely with our partners to make custom solutions constant with their customers retailing strategies.

Mobile Security Display

Alien-security’s idea of designing products with innovation, beauty and function. we always committed to the development of open display, high-efficiency anti-theft, easy to install retail security display and anti theft products. As cooperated with more than 300 digital display stores in China and the global distributors, we have accumulated a lot of experience. It make us can better consider the customer’s experience and the simplicity and efficiency of the operation of the digital store staff. Alien-sencurity’s products cover cell phone display security devces, tablet security display stand,laptop security, smartwatch security,headphone security lock and so on. Alien-security’s products provide high-efficiency anti-theft, while maximizing simplicity and beauty. Make retail display security solutions as phone retail security display and other electronic products full of beauty and technology. At the same time, considering the simplicity of installation and use, most of Alien-security products work independently. It is possible to install and familiarize yourself with the simplest operation of the digital store staff. Alien-security also has extensive experience in customizing products for customers. It can be produced directly according to the customer’s drawings and provides OEM service. At the same time, we also has the ability to independently develop new equipment based on customer needs. Alien-security is a leading manufacturer in China, provide merchandise security display products and retail store security devices wordwidely.

Security Box Magnets

Security box magnets are widely used in retail to security display merchanises. Such as Video games, consoles, shaving razors, toothpastes, beauty treatments, perfumes or makeup,etc.  Since there are so many products required to security displayed by retail security boxes, we often receive inquiries from customers to inquire about of safe box magnet of various sizes.  Customers also often complain that security box magnets of the right size cannot be found. Alien-security is the supplier of security box magnets that you are looking for.  Alien-security is second largest manufacturer of retail security boxes in China.  There are more than 50 types of safe boxes magnet for sale, and dozens of custom-made security box magnets.  What’s more important is that alien-security has strong experience in developing custom size clear plastic security boxes according to customer requirements. It takes only 30 days from the customer’s formal confirmation of the order to the actual production of the anti-theft security boxes.  20,000 sets of security box magnets can be produced within 10 days. If you have requirements for security box magnets, please feel free to contact me at first time to get biggest support ! Such as video game security cases, dvd security case,cd security case,ps4 game case holder,razor blade box,gillette fusion razor box. And security box magnets for health, ink box security safer,cartridges security keeper,etc.   The MOQ of cusom-made anti-theft security boxes is very low, only 5,000 sets are required.  At the same time the customer does not need to bear the expensive mold cost.  If the customer’s first order quantity is less than 5,000 sets, need to bear part of the mold fee. But when the cumulative order quantity reaches 20,000 sets, the mold fee will be fully refunded. Alien-security is very proficient in the production of security box magnets materials.  Equipped with special machines, the clear plastic security boxes produced are transparent and free of any impurities.  They are very strong, can provide products with fully visual display and fully security. The security box magnets is a transparent box with a magnetic lock, built-in RF, AM magnetic rod or RFID chip.  These retail security boxes can work with EAS detection system to prevent theft while visually displaying merchandises.

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