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DS1001 Mobile display stand

The DS1001 is a basic mobile phone retail display security device.It is Small size and multi-alarm anti-theft function. Alarm when phone are removed forcibly. Alarm when display security alarm DS1001 are taken away from table. Alarm when the wire connnect with phone are cutted, or charging cable are cutted.

work with metal gripper to provide stronger  anti theft protection for the phone displayed

Can be fixed to the wall.

Support for quick removal of phone displayed

The biggest feature of the mobile phone retail display security device DS1001 is its high cost performance. It has all the basic functions of anti theft alarm, but the price is very cheap, it is more suitable for general digital store display security solutions.

If retail digital shop has more beautiful and best anti-theft protection, you can choose our MAS1008, mobile phone security display holder.

The  MAS1008 is a newly designed mobile phone alarm display. It is as Invue’s Onepod. The streamlined shape of the water bottle. Built-in wire retraction device, without any confusion of the exposed cables.  4 adjustable metal grippers, built-in wire wires, perfectly balance the phone display and anti-theft, provides  customers with good experience. Make the retail digital shop sale more and loss less.

In addition to being used for mobile phone anti-theft display, MAS1008 is also used to display tablets.

Alien-security is a top manufacturer of retail merchandise security in China, providing retail display security solutions and OEM services to more than 300 customers from all over the world.

Products cover mobile phone anti-theft display, tablet security display stand , laptop security, smart watch security, headphone security lock. These products are beauty, fucntion and innovation. By providing the perfect banlance of display and anti-theft, the customer experience is enhanced, sales are increased, and theft loss is effectively reduced. Praised by customers.

Becisides mobile phone display security devices, Alien-security also provides EAS prodcuts and retail loss prevention solutions. It includes safer, spider wrap tag, liquior security lock, cloth security tag, security label, detection system, etc.

In the field of EAS, Alien-security has been receiving high praise from customers for its high quality products. At the same time, Alien-security also works with customers to innovate and develop new products. For example, automatic coiling spiders tags can greatly improve the productivity of retail employees. And liquior security lock B025, suitable for all sizes of wine bottles.

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