B021 Bottle security cap

The Spec

Dimension: Ø37mmx46mm
Magnetic lock:Normal or superlock
ColorBlack or Customerized

liquor security caps B021 is some of the best liquor store theft prevention on the market. Not only do they prevent someone from removing the cap without the bottle shattering,  this bottle security tags can also be equipped with RF or AM EAS technology to prevent thieves from exiting the store with the bottle.

With fully enclosed design, liquor security caps B021 prevents the decanting of the bottles in the store.

The simple twist to fit and easy one hand release design of the bottle security device B021 makes this product the ideal solution to your liquor theft problems. The unique design of the liquor security caps B021 allows it to be used without sacrificing shelf height.

liquor security caps B021 built-in RF, AM EAS technology, can work well with the EAS security alarm system. If the thief across the retail anti-theft gate with  liquor bottle alarm B021, the EAS security system will  alarm

Bottle cap lock B021 can be removed by the cashier at the checkout counter with a magnet  detacher. Such as our security tag detacher magnet D018

The best thing about alcohol security cap B021 is they can be used over and over again.

The liquor security caps B021 provides maximum anti-theft protection for wine and spirits bottles.




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