B010 Strap security tag

The Spec

Dimension: Ø36mm
Frequency:AM 58KHz or RF 8.2MHz
Magnetic lock:Normal or superlock
Strap length:150mm

Liquor bottle alarm B010 is small in size and is fastened to the neck of the bottle with a plastic strap to prevent theft. The plastic strap contains metal straps that are very difficult to cut.

Liquor bottle alarm B010 is ideal for AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz security systems to prevent theft. 

alcohol security tags B010 has built-in RF or AM EAS technology that can be used with the EAS anti-theft system. It can prevent acohol from being stolen.  If the alcohol bottle wrapped around wine bottle security tags B010 passes through the EAS security gates,the retail anti-theft system will alarm.

The bottle security device B010 can be removed by it with the magnet remover at the checkout counter.  How to remove electronic alarm from liquor bottle, we recommend our alarm tag remover D012.

Liquor bottle alarm B010 ‘s adjustable watch strap design means it can be attached to many different sized products. This bottle security tag’s thick metal material means that it is very difficult to cut or break. 

Liquor bottle alarm B010 can wraps around the straps of handbags, luggage handles, knife handles and various other products.

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