The Spec

Dimension: Ø75mmx35mm
Magnetic Force: 8000GS,10000GS,12000GS

Doo3-A is univeral magnetic security tag detacher,now is widely used as ink tag remover tool.

As ink tag remover tool,Doo3-A, is made of high magnet,can reach 8000GS-12000GS. It can remove all most all of the magnetic ink security tags in the market. Includes normal lock and super lock ones. But can’t be used for hyper lock ink tags. If you want to remove hyper lock ink tags, please choose our hyper lock detacher D201.

Ink tag remover tool D003-A has several specifications to choose, as 8000GS, 10000GS, 12000GS. You can choose according to the strength of the ink security tag’s lock inside.

Ink security tag remover D003-A is fixed to the checkout counter through the screw holes at the bottom. If you wants to fix the detacher directly to the checkout counter by screw, you can choose D003-B. And if you want to make the ink security tag detacher embedded into the checkout counter, you can choose univeral security tag remover D011

All of Aline-security ink tag remover tool comes complete with parts for counter top or in counter flush fitting.

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