HD01 Stoplock detacher

The Spec

Dimension: Ø20mmx58mm
Magnetic Force: 5000GS
SpecialSmall size, easy access and use.

Handheld security tag remover HD001 is small portable magnetic detacher. Its’ small size fits in your pocket for easy access and use.

This Handheld security tag remover has a magnetic force of 5000GS.

Stoplock detacher HD001 is mainly used to open stoplocks as our magnetic-peg-hook-stop-lock SL001,magnetic-peg-hook-lock-top SL002magnetic-security-display-hook-locks SL003

handheld security tag remover HD001 is a universal standard lock security tag detacher removes the pin from a large range of magnetic security hard tags.  Its’ portable feature allows a degree of portability to open heavy or large tagged merchandise.

This stop lock magnetic key HD01 contains a strong permanent detacher magnet. It removes all kinds of standard tags.  Such as alarm tags, spider tags, eas safer box, mini square tags, pencil tags.  But this stop lock remover can’t be used for sensormantic super tags or VST tags.  If you are using sensormantic supertags, please kindly choose handheld security tag remover gun D301 or electric power tag remover hook D302

The EAS universal security tag remover is a very powerful clothing tag removal tool.  It answers the question how to remove security tag from clothing.

We recommend each retailer have a minimum of two Handheld security tag remover  to avoid a panic if one gets misplaced.

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