I006 Golf Ink Tag

The Spec

Frequency 8.2mhz/58khz
Size 55*25mm
Color Transparent
Pin shaft Smooth pin/Grooved pin
Lock Magnetic lock

Clear Golf ink tag I006, made of new transparent ABS, is one type of ink security tags, RF frequency,commonly used for clothes for anti theft security. This eas security tag is also poplaur source tag.

Golf ink tag I006’s size:Dia 53mm

Material: New ABS

Color: clear,white, grey,black and customerized

With 3 ink tubes inside

Ink tubes color: Red, bule and yellow,or customerized

Frequency: 8.2mhz or 58Khz

With pin cover

Pin length: 19mm,an can also customerized for 21mm,25mm,39mm for winter clothes

Lock: 3500GS, 7500GS, 11000GS or customerized.

Application: Commonly used for clothes in retail shops, provide best secueity and anti-theft. And also used as source tag  for cloth in clothes factory

How to remove golf tags from cloth:  can be removed by Rcsolid magnetic security tag remover as D003

Aliensecurity security tag,including Golf ink tag I006, all are made of new ABS, full checked before deliveried customers. Top quanlity, 2 years warranty

Complete your full EAS security solution


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