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Eyswear Security Systems

In recent years, glasses and sunglasses have become increasingly popular as accessories. We have also received a lot of enquiries from eyewear stores and retail security dealer to see if there are any suitable Eyewear security systems. The requirements of security tags for glasses are very high. They must be small, fixed on the eyes and not easy to be removed by the thief. and it must not affect the customer's experience of trying on glasses. Alien-security has developed several models eyeglass security tags after research and development. It is small and practical, and can be used with the EAS detection systems to protect theft of glasses. RF, AM, RFID of this Eyewear security systems is available. Of course, the pace of innovation has never stopped. We also look forward to your participation to design betterEyewear security systems together.

Alien-security provides 3 types of Eyewear Security Systems, O005, O006, and T023. Allow customers to freely try on their glasses while preventing them from theft.

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