D007-A pencil tag detacher

The Spec

Dimension: Ø75mmx35mm
Magnetic Force: 8000GS,10000GS,12000GS
InstallDesktop detacher,with multiple holes underneath

chothes alarm remover tool D007-A, is super magnetic detacher,made of high quality magnet.

This chothes alarm remover tool D007-A is specailly designed to remove cloth sensor ,cloth tag in retail. Cloth pencil tags are widely used in retail now. Commonly Cloth penciltags caned be removed by clothes magnet remover as our golf detacher magnet D003-B, or security tag remover magnet D009-B.  But this clothing beeper remover D007-A is with special design. This makes it remove cloth penil tags or easily and efficiently at the point of sale.

This chothes alarm remover tool contains a strong permanent detacher magnet, can reach 12000GS. So this clothes security tag remover tag detacher is one of the most powerful store security tag detachers available.

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