B017 Bottle neck tag

The Spec

Dimension: Ø50mm
Lock:Magnetic Lock
ColorBlack or Customerized

Bottle neck tags security B017 is wine &liquor bottle security device.

Bottle security device B017  is fixed on the neck of the luqor or alcohol bottle using the design principle of the handcuffs.  This is the advantage of the design of bottle neck tags security B017.  It makes the wine shop or supermarket staff does not need any security bottle tag detacher during the fixing the bottle security device B017  to bottle neck .  Even if there is a misoperation, the lock can be unlocked without magnetc detache.  Then to operate it to fix it on the bottle neck again.  However, once the bottle neck tags security  B017 is fixed to the neck of the bottle, it must be removed by a magnet  security tag remover.  We recommend using our universal security tag remover D011

The bottle neck tags security  B017 has built-in RF or AM EAS technology . So this liquor store anti theft device works well with the retail anti-theft antenna to prevent theft of alcohol.  If the thief holds the alcohol with B017 through the EAS anti theft gates, the EAS security detaction systems will sound an alarm.

bottle security device B017 is just a simple liquor store theft prevention.  Its main function is to work with the EAS security system to prevent theft of the wine & Liquor.  There is no function to prevent the wine from being stolen by the thief.  Therefore, it is generally more suitable for anti-theft protection of wine that are not very expensive in supermarkets or liquor stores.  If it is a valuable wine or Liquor, we recommend using liquor bottle cap lock B025.  This is a fully enclosed wine bottle security device  that not only prevents theft of alcohol with retail anti-theft antenna.  It can also prevents the wine from being stolen.

In short, the bottle neck tags security B017 is a small, easy-to-use wine &alcohol bottle security device. It is ideal for supermarkets and liquor stores to prevent the theft of alcohol & wine.

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