Security display hook DH002

The Spec

LockAlpha Magnetic lock key
ApplicationDisplay and anti-theft

Anti-theft locking display hook, display merchandise openly and safely

Anti-theft locking display hook is the display solutions that also secure merchandise

  • Locking plate secures hooks to pegboard or slatboard.
  • Merchandise is displayed for customers but requires authorised personnel to access it from hook.
  • Helps prevent theft known as ‘sweeping’. This is where thieves ‘sweep’ an entire ‘hook’ of stock and take it.
  • Simple and easy to install and maintain.
  • POS ‘data-strip’ at front of hook to easily display your ticketing information.
  • Use with magnetic detacher to release merchandise off the hook for sale.
  • Keeps your displays up to visual merchandise standards – merchandise is on hooks rather than on the floor looking messy.
  • Simply remove merchandise for customers and then relock hock – so easy!

Anti-theft locking display hook is Solutions to secure and maintain your Visual Merchandise standards

9 types of anti-theft locking display hook to choose. If you are not clear which one you need, please Speak with our professional team today.

anti-theft locking dispaly hook-Rocsolid

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