B009 Strap security tag

The Spec

Dimension: Diameter 50mm
Frequency:AM 58KHz or RF 8.2MHz
Magnetic lock:Normal or superlock
Strap length:150mm

Alcohol security tags B009 is fastened to the neck of the bottle by a plastic strap to prevent theft.  The plastic belt contains metal sheets, and the general scissors and pliers are constantly cut.

Alcohol security tags B009 has built-in RF or AM EAS technology that works with the EAS anti-theft gate to prevent theft of alcohol.  If the thief passes the EAS security system  with the bottle alarm tag  B009, it will trigger  the EAS pedestal systems  alarm.

If the customer pays, at the cashier’s desk, the cashier can  remove bottle security device B009 from liquor bottle easily.  For how to get security tag off alcohol,we recommond our golf detacher magnet D003 as bottle security tag remover

safeway liquor bottle locks B009 can be directly recycled and reused.  Very low cost of use.

However, Alcohol security tags B009 only has the function of anti-theft. This bottle alarm does not have the function of preventing the alcohol from being stolen.  If it is an expensive Alcohol, alcohol bottle security cap B022 is recommended.  Locking liquor bottle caps B022 has the dual function of preventing the Alcohol from being stolen and the Liquor being stolen.  It can be reused too.

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