B014 Bottle Neck Tag

The Spec

Dimension: Ø55mm
Lock: Magnetic Lock
ColorWhite, Black or Customerized

Alcohol bottle lock B014  provides a retail liquor anti-theft solution for less expensive wine and alcohol.

Alcohol bottle lock B014 is very easy to use. It attaches to bottles with the adjustable collar.

For liquor bottle locks B014 is attached to the bottle through theadjustable collar, so this liquor bottle alarm tag can be applied to any size bottle neck.

Safeway liquor bottle locks  B014 is with built-in AM or RF EAS technology. It works well with EAS detection systems to prevent theft of alcohol. If bottle with alcohol bottle lock B014 is attempted to be taken through your EASdetection system, the alarm sounds.

Magnet security tag detacher can be used toremove security cap from liquor bottle. Such as our golf detacher magnet D003.

safeway liquor bottle locks B014 can be recycled and reused, making the cost of theliquor store theft prevention solution very low

Although the liquor bottle alarm, B014 has a good anti-theft function, it does not have the function of preventing the liquor from being stolen. Therefore, it is generally used for less expensive wine and alcohol. If it is expensive wine and alcohol, we recommend using our liquor bottle cap lock B023. This bottle security device can provide max protection for wine and alcohol.

Alcohol bottle lock B014 provides a strong visual deterrent when protecting the wine. It is ideal anti-theft solution for less expensive product.


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