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Electronic Article Surveillance – RF/RFID
To effectively protect your merchandise from being stolen, our intelligent article surveillance systems offer reliable RF and/or RFID detection, deliver useful data and guarantee the lowest total cost of ownership.

Mobile Security Display

Alien-security’s idea of designing products with innovation, beauty and function. we always committed to the development of open display, high-efficiency anti-theft, easy to install retail security display and anti theft products. As cooperated with more than 300 digital display stores in China and the global distributors, we have accumulated a lot of experience. It make us can better consider the customer’s experience and the simplicity and efficiency of the operation of the digital store staff. Alien-sencurity’s products cover cell phone display security devces, tablet security display stand,laptop security, smartwatch security,headphone security lock and so on. Alien-security’s products provide high-efficiency anti-theft, while maximizing simplicity and beauty. Make retail display security solutions as phone retail security display and other electronic products full of beauty and technology. At the same time, considering the simplicity of installation and use, most of Alien-security products work independently. It is possible to install and familiarize yourself with the simplest operation of the digital store staff. Alien-security also has extensive experience in customizing products for customers. It can be produced directly according to the customer’s drawings and provides OEM service. At the same time, we also has the ability to independently develop new equipment based on customer needs.

Alien-security is a leading manufacturer in China, provide merchandise security display products and retail store security devices wordwidely.

Security Safer

More than 30 size eas safer box are supplied. From CD,DVD safer,to cosmetic safer,cigarette safer and more.

Eas safer box are common used in retail.It rovides excellent security with open display of merchandise.Allows the consumer to interface with the product and promotes browsing.

With 5 years experience of eas safer box produce and customerized, Aliensecurity have more than 30 sizes safer box and 3 sizes customerized safer box. CD safer, DVD safer, Rzaor safer,HP ink cartidges keeper,cosmetic safer,cigarette safer,toothpaste safer, Chewing gum safer and so on. All the safer box are manufactured with Bayer Pc,with good transparency,strength and durability.

RF,AM or daul frequency is avaible.

Also from this year,safer box with RFID is developed as the first new one in china

Supper magnetic lock or common magnetic lock,can be detachered by magnetic detachers.

EAS security systems and tags

Full range of eas products, includes EAS detection system, security tag,ink tag, rf soft label and dr label.It commonly covers RF, AM and EM frequancy,  compatible well with checkpoint,sensormatic,WG,3M company’s eas products. The accessories as the pins ,detachers,lanyards can be suppled by Alien-security through its partner factory with Alien-security quality control.  Besides,we also provide non-eas products. Such as pedestals,ink tags and warning label.  Own factory to make sure its quality control, and delivery time, specially the quality of order is large.Whether you are looking to source tag, Alien-security also have the products and partners to help you succeed.

Design and produce customerized new product is one important business of Aliensecurity. Within 8 years, we have successfully designed 6 new products for 5 customers. More than 300 customers have choosed Aliensecurity.  And more important,most of them have cooperated more than 3 years. 

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